Located on 2342 Arthur Avenue, the restaurant has been making its robust, first-rate Neapolitan fare the same way for 92 years, In a way, Mario’s was begun when his parents left Naples in the early 1900s and opened the first Italian restaurant in Egypt. Not long after, Socolastia and her son Giuseppe moved to America and opened Mario’s.Five generations later, Mario’s Restaurant is a steadfast reminder of the neighborhood’s past. When you walk in the door, you’re greeted by one of the Migliucci’s or a friendly, accommodating staff who takes your coat while Italian songs play in the background.

All of the food here is made to order, prepared by master chefs Michael and Massimo, using only the finest high quality ingredients. Our fresh sauces, hot breads, octopus salad, spiedini with anchovy sauce, and other authentic recipes are among the dishes that have made our customers return time and time again. We also have a fine selection of imported and domestic wines to choose from, as well as cocktails, liquors and beers.